Development of a commodity system and management accounting for LLC "MLK-TRADE"


The MLK group of companies, working in the consumer goods market since 1995, and it has vast experience in delivering goods to both wholesale customers and retail customers.

Entering the highly competitive home goods market, the top management of the company, I realized that for the stable development of the project it is necessary to have a reliable modern information management system.

Automation needed a flexible product that would evolve in sync with business development and address new business needs.

As developers, they attracted a scientific IT laboratory at the KhPI Techno Park.

Together with a team of programmers, we formed our requirements for the system, which logically divided the project into 5 blocks:

Block 1. "Development of a methodology for management accounting and budgeting"

Block 2. "Budget Planning"

Block 3. "Payment calendar"

Block 4. "Management Accounting"

Block 5. "Document Management"

In our opinion, the key to success in carrying out all the work was mutual understanding between the project teams. We tried to clearly describe the goals and results that we would like to obtain, and the development team clearly captured and implemented our wishes, both in the development of the methodology and in automation in the software product.

Working as a team, we achieved the following results on project blocks:

Block 1. "Development of a methodology for management accounting and budgeting"

Have been developed and approved:

Block 2. "Budget Planning"

Block 3. "Payment calendar"

Block 4. "Management accounting "

Block 5. “Document management "


As a result of the LLC MLK-TRADE project

has received a unified integrated financial management system that allows you to plan and analyze actual activities in the general information field, evaluate the influence of various factors on the financial result obtained, and manage cash flows in an on-line mode.

Given the difficult current situation in the Ukrainian economy, companies that do not have such a transparent and operational financial management system may lose business, because do not have reliable information about the real state of affairs in the company.


Alexander Bortko