Report of Veliyev Eldar, Director of the Ukrainian-Turkish Center, about activity from February 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018


        The establishment of the UTSTR was preceded by numerous visits of the leaders of both universities. For example, on 04.05.2017 there was a meeting with the leadership of ITU, Prof. Alper Unal, Director of the Institute of information technology Prof. Ertugrul Karacuha and Ph.D. Mustafa Helvaci. At the meeting was discussed the content of the Protocol on joint activities.

    05.05.17 at the meeting of the Academic Council of NTU "KhPI", the Rector of Istanbul Technical University (ITÜ) Mehmet Karaca was awarded the title "Honorary doctor of NTU"KhPI" and he was awarded a Diploma and a mantle.


        The delegation of Istanbul Technical University (ITU) headed by the Director of the Institute of Informatics Ertegrul Karacuha visited NTU "KhPI" from 28.11 till 01.12.2017. At a meeting with the Rector of NTU "KhPI" a wide range of issues were discussed. In particular, the guests were introduced to the master's programs and programs for PhD students. The guests also asked to organize courses to improve the engineering specialties by our teachers. The guests were introduced to the scientific research conducted in various departments of NTU "KhPI".

      From 22.11 till 24.11.2017 a delegation of NTU "KhPI" including the Vice-Rectors: Prof. Marchenko, Prof. Veliyev and Prof. Samorodov and Parsadanov visited ITU. The purpose of the visit was to discuss possible joint scientific and educational projects with colleagues from ITU on the basis of the Protocol of intent, previously signed between the two universities. Following the discussions, the main directions of work were identified. During the visit 23.11 we saw major event "BIG BANG" START-UP CHALLENGE, which summed up the START UP projects from all over Turkey submitted to ITU Technopark. Out of the 12,000 projects submitted, only 478 were selected. The winners were allocated $ 5 million!

        10.10.2017 there was a working meeting with the management of ITU. The meeting was attended by the Rector, 3 Vice-rectors, Director of the Institute of Informatics And Director of the Center for Technology Transfer. Comprehensively discussed provisions of the Protocol signed between ITU and NTU "KhPI". It was decided to sign an Agreement between our universities before the end of October 2017, which will allow us to implement a lot of interesting joint projects.

The Rector of the ITU Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca accepted the invitation of NTU "KhPI "and gave a lecture at the end of November 2017 to the students of our University within the framework of our project "Meeting of students with successful people".  From 06.09 to 07.09 NTU "KhPI" was visited by representatives of ITU. General Director of Technology Transfer Office (ITU) Prof. Erkan Citil gave a lecture on the activities of his office and proposed a model of cooperation between the two universities. The lecture was also given by the marketing Director of Technopark ITU "Teknokent" Prof. Deniz Tuncalp. The algorithm of interaction between NTU "KhPI" TechnoPark and ITU Technopark was developed. 17.08 the delegation of NTU "KhPI" was greeted by the Rector of Istanbul Technical University (ITU). The Rector made a presentation about the University.

      14.02.18 there has arrived delegation of the Istanbul Technical University (ITU) to Kharkov headed by the Vice Rector Prof.Dr. Ibrahim Ozkol. 13.03.18 the Center organized a meeting of representatives of ITU (Prof.Dr. Ertugrul Karacuha, Prof.Dr. Ibrahim Akduman, Prof.Dr. Sahin Serhat Seker) with the scientists and IRE of NASU (Kharkov). There were presentations of very interesting projects. 26.04.18 during the visit in Istanbul Technical University of Prof. D. Vavriv from the Radio Astronomy Institute of NAS of Ukraine (Kharkiv) was held a seminar where the head of Department Prof. Dr.I. Akduman and Prof. D. Vavriv made reports that revealed the potential of the parties, which made it possible to identify future joint projects.  02.05.18 the Center was visited by Prof.Dr. Ibrahim Akduman (Head of Department of ITU) and Prof.Dr. Ertugrul Karachua (Director of the Institute of Informatics of ITU). Prof.Dr. Ibrahim Akduman presented a report on the research conducted in the ITU on biomedical electronics. In particular, a laboratory sample of the mammograph was shown, and 03.05 the Center held a direct discussion of areas of joint research on commercialization of NTU "KhPI".

    From 20.06 to 21.07.2018 the Center organized internship of students from NTU "KhPI" consisting of 5 people (2 graduate students, 2 masters, and one PhD student) at Istanbul Technical University (ITU) at different departments. All expenses were covered by the Turkish side.

      21.06 the delegation has met with the Director of the Institute of Informatics (ITU) Prof.Dr. Karachua and Dean of the faculty “Electrical and Electronics Engineering” Prof.Dr. Serhat Seker. The Dean and Director of the Institute acquainted the guests with the activities of their departments. Guests with the Dean visited several departments. From 25.06 began active work of guests from Kharkov at the relevant departments.

      In the period from 17.06 to 23.06.2018 the Center organized a special training course on the basis of ITU for representatives of tractor and automobile plants of Turkey on the topic "Transmission matrix analysis". This course was read by the head of the Department "Cars and tractor" NTU "KhPI" Prof. V. B. Samorodov. His courses in English language translated Prof. E. Logvinov. The visit of Professors was fully funded by the Turkish side (ITU). Nowadays, the course has been successfully completed. It was decided to continue joint work on this topic between ITU and NTU "KhPI".

      04.07.2018 the Center met a delegation of professors of the Department of Economics Sinan Ertemel and Manager of international office of ITÜ Emel Kanbur. At negotiations, which were held in KhPI, the issues of exchange of students, graduate students, scientists of the two universities in these areas under the ERASMUS+ program were discussed.   

      04.09.18 with a working visit to ITU arrived the Vice-Rector of NTU "KhPI " Prof. M. Gasanov. There was a business meeting with a partner of ITU and KhPI, where we discussed the details of the visit of our partners in September in KhPI, as well as the participation of our partners at the exhibition together with KhPI, in Kiev in October, organized by Ukroboronprom.      


      21.09.18. there was an official visit of the Rector of NTU "KhPI " Prof. E. I. Sokol at Istanbul Technical University (ITU). There was a fruitful meeting with the Rector of ITU Prof.Dr. M. KaracaWe discussed the main areas of cooperation between the two universities. In particular, a very important additional agreement to the main agreement was signed, which will allow the library of NTU "KhPI" through the library of ITU to have wide access to international sources, i.e. the ability to copy numerous journals and books published in the United States and Europe.
The second important point of discussion was the question of transfer through "KhPI "on a temporary basis of a fundamentally new "Mammograph" for clinical trials in the 20th Polyclinic of Kharkiv.

       08.10.18. the Dean of the faculty of electronics of Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Prof Dr. Serhat Seker visited NTU "KhPI". Vice-Rector Prof. Khripunov organized a meeting of the guest with the heads of departments. The meeting was attended by 11 heads.

     The guest briefly acquainted the heads of departments with the main directions of scientific research at his faculty. All heads of departments of NTU "KhPI " also informed the guest about their research. There was a fruitful exchange of views. Agreed on the mutual visits with the purpose of implementation of joint projects. Then the guest visited the high-voltage laboratory. 09.10.18 the Center with our partners from Istanbul Technical University visited the international exhibition in Kiev "Defense and security 2018". Also, the Institute of Informatics of Istanbul Technical University (ITU) was visited by the General Consul of Ukraine in Istanbul Alexander Gaman. He was accompanied by two consuls and Director of the Ukrainian state center for international education Elena Shapovalova. The guests were interested in the activities of the Ukrainian-Turkish Center.
      The main task of the Center is to realize the scientific potential of Ukraine in the interests of both countries, attracting potential investors from the Turkish side. Of course, it is also important to train highly qualified personnel for Turkey.

      And till today, the Ukrainian-Turkish Center continues its active work with the Istanbul Technical University.