Big Data IT laboratory


Scientific research ВІ-laboratory

It is created as an integral part of the Technopark of NTU "KhPI" (Director Prof. E.Veliyev) with the assistance of the Faculty of Computer Science and Program Engineering and the Department of Program Engineering and Information Technology Management. The estimated time of creation is June 2019.

The main objective of the laboratory creation is the use of methods and tools of Business Intelligence (BI) to solve problems related to the analysis of the activities of modern business systems and increase their efficiency.

Main directions of scientific research and practical activity:

І. Applying OLAP (On-line Analytical Processing) methods and tools  to solve problems related to analytical processing of data, in particular multidimensional data analysis.

ІІ. Modeling, forecasting and studying large data sets in order to provide assistance to enterprises in solving tasks of data classification, the formation of their own nominal and quantitative scales, as well as the use of developed mathematical apparatus for their analysis.

ІІІ. Development of analytical tools for decision support, in particular:

1) the ability to create formatted and interactive reports, with developed mechanisms for their distribution and updating

2) control panels (dashboards) - a special type of reporting that allows you to represent data in a visual, intuitive way, using different scales, indicators, indicators, etc. With these control panels, users can monitor the current status of key indicators and processes and compare them with targeted goals. These panels allow you to receive business information from business applications and make it available in real-time.

3) adhoc queries - the ability to create and perform unique, non-standard queries for the respective users independently (without the involvement of IT specialists). In order to realize such capabilities, the BI platform should have a semantic layer that allows you to locate and retrieve the necessary information from existing sources. In addition, the system must have appropriate means for auditing these requests to verify the correctness of their execution.

ІV. Modeling and analysis of business systems and business processes in order to identify and eliminate structural and other disadvantages in business organization. Research in the direction of developing a method for analyzing and improving the structure of business processes is based on the use of:

1) formal methods and notations of business process modeling;
2) structural analysis and functional modeling;
3) the theory of sets;
4) the theory of graphs;
5) mathematical programming;
6) machine learning.


SQL BI IT laboratory Marketing analysis of the IT development market. Audit of trading systems - the system of procurement, sales, personnel records, marketing, logistics. Forecasting the purchase of goods. Analysis of postal systems - analysis of financial flows, postal deliveries, logistics Analysis of production systems - analysis of the scheme for the purchase of raw materials, the technological chain, the sale of a product, the calculation of costing. Analysis of the work of distribution companies, companies-analysis of purchases, sales, inventory, pricing. R & D document flow analysis The application of the R & D solution gives enterprise managers a powerful tool for planning, monitoring and analyzing contractual activities.

• Maintain a single database of the company on orders and contracts, which makes it easy to monitor the status of work on the order.
• More efficient use of managerial staff resources by automating routine operations for preparing and processing documents.
• Support for various means of controlling the execution of orders, including monitoring the possibility of activating the work to the customer, depending on the signing of acts of counterparties; control of settlements with counterparties depending on the receipt of payments from customers; control of the completeness of customer payments for work performed.
• Management of access rights to system documents, regulation of user rights to create, approve and view documents.
• Keeping history of changes in contract status and reasons for change; data on users who modified the documents.

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Company Big Data it laboratory
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